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Food and Nutrition Specialists translate scientific information about food and nutrition into practical nutritional and lifestyle advice. In addition to providing an impartial service about food and nutrition, we also provide advice about nutritional treatment of disease and the prevention of diet and lifestyle related conditions i.e. diabetes and coronary heart disease. Our aim is to ensure that clients' nutritional status or symptoms are monitored, maintained, or improved wherever possible.

What we Offer

  • Specialist food and nutritional advice and counselling for Energy Balance (weight loss or gain)
  • Individual nutritional assessment
  • Food and meal planning for chronic health conditions
  • Recipe reformulation to address changes in nutritional requirements
  • Pantry proposals to make sure you have the basic ingredients to prepare meals to your nutritional requirements and taking into account your budget
  • Cooking skills assistance
  • Public education sessions targeted at specific sectors of the community

Who is the Service for

The food and nutrition service is available to all clients residing in the greater Brisbane area.


The services rendered are covered by more progressive Private Health Funds. These include: Australian Health Management, HBF, Australian Unity, Medibank, CBHS, NIB, Grand United Health, and Teachers Union Health.

Clients are required to present their Tax Invoice to their relevant fund for processing of rebates.

Payment Methods

Doc Brown's Nutrimedicine accepts credit card payment and cash. Payment on the day of your consultation is appreciated.


It would be greatly appreciated if you provided at least 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment.

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Telephone 0437 071 222