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Consultation Process

Under the Private Health Insurance Act 2007, Doc Brown’s Nutrimedicine is required to offer two (2) types of consultations to clients - Initial Nutritionist Consultation and Review Nutritionist Consultation. Both types of consultations will comprise nutrition assessment via general case history taking, system-by-system focused inquiry, physical examination, dietary analysis, and/or laboratory data analysis. The process evolves as clients become accustomed to their unique treatment plan. Treatment plans engage clients in a process of changing personal eating habits and lifestyle factors.

Initial Nutritionist Consultation.
Your first consultation will see us reviewing your responses to the Client Profile. This will enable us to better understand you, your personal health concerns, and your health goals. This information will be used to devise an initial Prescription wherein you may be given food and beverage recommendations, nutritional supplements to source from your local pharmacy, or lifestyle strategies to carry out. Succeeding this, the information you have supplied is examined in detail, so as to formulate a simple and effective treatment plan to achieve your desired goals.
Review Nutritionist Consultation.
Your review consultation is a follow-up or series of follow-ups that allow the examination of any further relevant information you have been asked to supply at a previous consultation, or to monitor your progress and give guidance and/or counselling. The number of review consultations you engage in is entirely your prerogative.

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